Purchase Order Template

Purchase Order TemplateAre you looking for a simple yet effective way to create a professional purchase order for your company?

Does your company really need purchase order management software to manage purchase orders effectively?

If so, please be sure to try our free purchase order templates for Word and Excel.

Our templates are very simple to use. You can customize the templates to create your own purchase order forms that match your business identity while helps your company manage purchase order effectively.

We have designed our purchase order templates intended for small businesses that need a cost-effective purchase order processing solution.

A purchase order is a legal sales contract document that buyer uses to order services or products with agreed price from a vendor or seller. Purchase orders help both buyers and sellers in purchasing and order processing. Purchase order allows buyers to communicate clearly with the sellers about products or services being ordered. It also helps protect buyers in case buyers refuse to pay for products or services.

Essential information on a purchase order

The purchase order template features the following essential information:

  • Logo: you can add your own company logo to make it appealing to your vendors so they can quickly realize who is ordering products or services.
  • Company details: includes company name and address listed at the top of the purchase order. You can fill out your logo and company details first to make a new purchase order template for your company.
  • P.O. #: P.O. number or purchase order number helps you to track the purchasing record. When the vendor issues a sales order, the corresponding purchase order number is also used to fill out in the sales order.
  • Vendor details contain the name and address of the vendor that you are buying their products or services.
  • Ship To: the address that you want ordered products to be shipped or services to be rendered.
  • Ship method: shipping method indicates how you want products shipped.
  • Shipping terms: You can enter shipping terms such as FOB (free on board), CFR (cost and freight)….
  • Delivery date: is your expected delivery date that you want the vendor to deliver products or services.
  • Products or Services: an itemized list of products or services ordered
  • Authorized purchasing person’s signature: each purchase order needs a signature of authorized purchasing person who is in charge of ordering products or services.
  • Notes: if you want to send more information to the vendor, you can add it into the note section.

Using purchase order template

To use the purchase order template, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Browse and download the template you need. There is a preview picture of each purchase order so you know how the template looks like.
  2. Insert company’s logo and details to create your own purchase order template. If you company has standard fonts, colors, and format for documents, you need to adjust its corresponding fonts and color as well.
  3. Fill out the information and print the purchase order to PDF printer to create PDF version. It is highly recommended to send PDF purchase order to your vendor instead of modifiable Excel or Word document

Using our purchase order templates is a cost-effective solution to your purchase order management challenge. You are no longer to have to learn and pay for expensive and complicated purchase order software or purchase order management systems. All you need is Microsoft Office and you are in business.

Beside purchase order forms, we also provide you with sales order templates. Like purchase order templates, our sales order comes in handy to help you create professional sales orders to send to your customers.

We publish new purchase order templates regularly so we are highly recommended that you subscribe our RSS Feed to get the updates on new purchase order templates fast.

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